Aerobic Exercises

Course description :
Before exercising, it is necessary to know its importance or the purpose of exercising?
1- Practicing aerobic exercise helps increase the size and number of blood vessels that carry blood to the various tissues of the body, allowing the delivery of the oxygen needed to produce energy. That is, the total blood volume increases, and thus the amount of oxygen that reaches the various tissues of the body increases.
2- It improves the tone of muscles and blood vessels to make soft tissues strong tissues. It also changes fatty tissues into fibers, which gives the body strength without losing weight.
In order for a person to become physically fit, he must practice a regular and continuous program of aerobic exercise, as it increases the level of concentration, mental response time, ability to concentrate, and improves the individual’s personal image.
This is what the student in this course ends up with by becoming a qualified trainer to work on raising the level of aerobic fitness efficiently
Learning Outcomes :
After completing the training course, the trainee will be able to:

1- I know the requirements of the training unit.
2- He can choose the music that suits each exercise.
3- He has the ability to manage the training unit.
4- It can satisfy the needs of every trainee, regardless of age and health status.
5- Understands how to overcome different situations that may occur during exercise.
6- He knows the basics of each type of exercise (Aerobics, Tabata, Zumba, Belly Dance, Seniors, Children…etc.)
7- He can choose the music while practicing.
8- He has self-confidence.
9- He has excellent communication skills with members.
10- Skillfully apply exercises for each muscle in the body.
11- Using various tools inside the training hall

Suitable For:

        Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

        Group Fitness Instructor (EQF L3)

        Personal Trainer (EQF L4)

        Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education


Course delivery country:  Egypt
Course language: Arabic
Teaching method: directly face to face
Course schedule:

The Duration Of The Course : 6 Weeks

Number Of Days: 5 Lectures + Exam

Number Of Hours: 10 Hours 


First Day :

– The concept of aerobic exercise and physiological changes

– Trainees’ needs

– Requirements and components of the training unit

– Management of the training unit


The Second Day :

– Types of aerobic exercises and different methods of managing them.

– The basics for each type of training (aerobics, Tabata, Zumba, Billy dancing, elderly people, children…etc.).


The Third Day :

– Different types of music

– Choosing music with exercise

– Practical applications of music in different genres


The Fourth Day :

– Various tools inside the training hall.

– Communicate with customers and interact

– Different situations and overcoming them

– Practical applications


The Fifth Day :

– Practical applications on complete aerobic training sessions, including different methods and types


Assessment : 

After completing the course, you will take a final test consisting of 30 questions, in a time of 60 minutes. You must pass with a score of 80% or more.

At the end of the course, the student will receive a certificate from IATD Training – Marketing
Course Price : 2000 EGP


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