The world has witnessed many transformations and challenges that contribute to the formulation of a new future for development. Workers in all sports fields find themselves required to follow these developments.

and in this regard, the International center  for Training and Development was keen to follow up on all that is new and found that there is an urgent need to introduce training programs with new specialties and new thinking in various Sports fields.

where it provides and organize many specialized training programs to qualify the quality of performance and contribute to the upgrading of the training process through continuous training and rehabilitation of students.

graduates and workers in various fields of sports, in order to cope with the needs of the community of continuous scientific and fruitful development in various disciplines, where it provides expertise In the field of training and attracting a distinguished elite of experts and researchers.

through the development of human and administrative capabilities and characterization, discover their abilities, tendencies and hobbies and measure their skills and strengthen human capabilities and functional restructuring To meet the requirements of the age.

 characterize the professions, and provide the necessary manpower qualified to practice the work and other services

Our Approach

Preparing specialists in various sports fields to work in different community institutions. 

Providing scientific advice and cooperation with Egyptian, Arab and international governmental, civil and youth institutions and institutions in various studies and researches.

Providing scientific, practical and practical services, refining and qualifying workers in the fields of sports and contributing to the service of local, Arab and international community.

Strengthening scientific and technical cooperation with institutions, research centers and universities at the Egyptian, Arab and international levels.

Organizing training and rehabilitation programs in coordination with different institutions and centers.

Bring the best trainers and international lecturers to carry out theoretical and practical lectures.

Qualifying the willing and working in the various sports fields.

Granting certificates of practical and training experience for different levels and classifications in coordination with the bodies and bodies cooperating with them.